Beauty in Strength

Disclaimer: Exercise including but not limited to strength and resistance training, interval work, lots of heavy lifting combined with proper nutrition may lead to an improved quality of life, happiness, self love, smaller jeans and increased self confidence.

When female clients come to me, the first thing they usually mention is that they don’t want to get “bulky” or “too muscular.” Study after study have proved the benefits of strength training for women, yet the thought process of weight lifting equals huge muscle mass increases in females is still one that is rampant in every single fitness community. The first thing that seems to be on everyones mind is weight loss. It is very rare that someone comes to me with the goal of “increased strength.’ It DOES happen, and it is always an incredible moment. For every 10 women I speak with, only 1 will have a goal of increased strength.

When I work with my clients, I lead them through individualized functional core to extremity programming that consist of resistance training, weight lifting, interval work and mobilization. It is then up to them to bring their full effort each time they step into the gym in order to make the most out of their workout.

You can change your life. All you have to do is change your mindset.

This is a beautiful video done by CrossFit regarding what it means to find the beauty in strength. Gone are the days where only skinny was acceptable. Slowly but surely, beautiful, strong, muscular women are starting to show the world what it really does mean to be fit. To be healthy. To realize your full potential of what the human body is capable of.