Free Coffee or CrossFit – Part 1

Please read me or pass me along to a friend.

This is the email address and phone number you will need to get a hold of me for your free coffee or to setup your first intro class: and/or (206) 390-7779.

And this is the rest of what I have to say.

jump rope bainbridge island crossfit outcome The #1 most commonly stated misconception about CrossFit is… “I’m not in good enough shape to do CrossFit.” To that I reply, “BS!”

In our gym alone, we have members from 5 – 67 years old. They are 40 – 385 pounds.

They are kids learning that fitness can be fun to adults attempting to get in shape for the very first time and everything in between.

They are stay at home parents, teachers, attorneys, mommies, daddies, students, nannies, small business owners, shopkeepers, amazon employees, engineers, military veterans, should I go on? I can.

They have pre-existing injuries. They can’t do a pull-up or a push-up. They are folks who have been hit by cars and told they would not walk again.

They are men and women just like you who knew they couldn’t do it. Knew that CrossFit was way too much for them. Knew that no diet or workout had ever worked before so why try this. They tried some other gym and it didn’t work.

If you are waiting for a reason to start or restart your journey of health and wellness, get up, walk to your closest mirror and you will find it the reason. If that doesn’t do it for you, look at your spouse, children and friends. Can you get up from your chair? Great, you can do CrossFit!

coffee bainbridge island crossfit outcomeIf none of those mean enough, shoot me a message (Remember the email address at the top of page?), I will buy you a coffee and you can tell me why you can’t do it. Why you are different. Why CrossFit is only for athletes or about the story you heard from your friend who has never done CrossFit but knows how everyone gets hurt. Or the time that… (insert your excuse here).

If you can convince me that you are hopeless and that is why you won’t try, all you lost was an hour you wouldn’t have been working out anyway and you get a free coffee out of the deal. Seems like a win to me.

My email and number are at the top. My name is Sal DeRosalia. My schedule is packed but I will make time for you, AND I FRICKIN LOVE COFFEE!