live streams +
Virtual Check-In

Outcome Trainers combine their love and knowledge of functional movement with live stream technology to provide you with interactive classes that work!


Unlimited Live Streams: $50
15 Min Virtual Check-In: Free
TrueCoach App: + $25

*add $50 for a home visit

Virtual Training + Equipment loans

Outcome Trainers combine their love and knowledge of functional movement with advanced technologies to provide you with instant and accurate feedback that works!

Guidance Rates

Initial - $250
30 Minutes - $75

60 Minutes - $150

InBody Scans
Weekly Meal Plan Updates

*add $50 for a home visit

lifestyle reset + everything you need

We have teamed with Matthew Timmons, LMP and created, Outcome Therapeutics. From relaxing to recovering, have a professional that does what you do, help you. Schedule your session today and feel better by this time tomorrow.

Therapy Rates

30 Minutes - $50
60 Minutes - $100
90 Minutes - $125

Hot Towel
Tea/Coffee Service

*add $50 for a home visit

It's all about communication.

The single greatest part of any successful relationship is the ability to create the space for and maintain open and clear communication. When we team up, your goals become our goals. And as a team, we will succeed.

Its fun, or its not...

As important as your goals are, it's also important to keep it upbeat and positive. We do this by making as much of this as we can, FUN! That means greeting you with a smile, keeping your sessions upbeat and throwing in an occasional joke when we need to.

FU-Cancer - 0146
CrossFit Outcome on Bainbridge Island

It's like your life depends on it.

With all the details of your everyday life, it's easy to lose sight of the big picture. That's why you just hired us. The staff at Outcome are here to make sure you stay on course so that you meet and exceed your goals. Plus, we all need a reminder to eat every now and again.

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